Kyoto Steak & Sushi - Florham Park
176 Columbia Turnpike
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Business Hours
Mon-Fri  11:30 - 2:30
Sat  12:00 - 2:30
Mon-Thu   5:00 - 9:30
Fri-Sat  5:00 - 10:00
Sunday  5:00 - 9:00



Kitchen Appetizers Teryaki 
served with miso soup, salad & steam rice
A1. Haru Maki (pork & vegetable) $5.45 T1. Chicken Teriyaki $14.95
 Japanese Spring Roll  Broiled tender chicken breast and vegetable with teriyaki sauce
A2. Gyoza $5.45 T2. Shrimp Teriyaki $17.95
 Pan fried shrimp dumplings  Broiled fresh jumbo shrimp and vegetable sautéed in teriyaki sauce $16.95
A3. Shumai  $5.45 T3. Steak Teriyaki $20.95
 Steamed shrimp dumpling T4. Salmon Teriyaki $19.95
A4. Shrimp or Chicken or Vegetable Tempura $8.45 T5. Vegetable Teriyaki $12.95
A5. Soft Shell Crab Tempura $11.45 T6. Tofu Teriyaki $12.95
A6. Miso Eggplant $6.45 T7. Eggplant Teriyaki $16.95
Broiled eggplant in miso sauce T8. Filet Mignon Teriyaki $25.95
A7. Beef Negimaki $10.45 T9. Lobster Teriyaki $31.95
 Broiled beef rolled with scallions T10. Seafood Teriyaki $31.95
A8. Yakitori $5.45  Lobster, shrimp, scallop & fish $30.95
 Skewered chicken and vegetable T11. Combination Teriyaki  
A9. Tatuta Age $6.45  Choice of 2: Beef Nigimaki, Beef, Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp or Scallop $19.95
 Fried Chicken T12. Beef Nigimaki
A10. Hamachi Kama $9.45  Broiled beef rolled with scallions $20.95
 Yellowtail jaw seasoned in soy and spices then boiled golden brown
A11. Age Tofu $5.45
 Gently fried soy bean curd
A12. Edamame $5.25
A13. Garlic Broccoli $6.45
 Steamed Broccoli with light brown garlic sauce  
Noodle/Noodle in Soup
N1. Yaki Udon $13.95
Sushi Bar Appetizer  Sautéed noodles w. chicken, fish cake, 
A14. Sushi Appetizer $9.75  onions & mushroom
 Assorted of raw fish with vinegar rice N2. Shrimp Udon $16.95
A15. Sashimi Appetizer $10.75  Sautéed noodles w. Shrimp
 Assorted of raw fish N3. Seafood Udon $19.95
A16. Spicy Tuna Tartar $9.75  Shrimp, fish, scallop and crabmeat
 Chopped tuna in spicy sauce
A17. Spicy Salmon Tartar $9.75
Chopped salmon in spicy sauce Hibachi
A18. Sunomono $9.75 Served with clear soup, salad, vegetable, noodles, shrimp appetizer & steam rice
 Seafood & sliced cucumber w. sweet vinegar sauce
A19. Oshinko $6.75 Complete Dinners
 Assorted Japanese pickles H1. Hibachi Vegetable $17.75
A20. Beef Tataki $9.75 H2. Hibachi Chicken $19.75
 Seared thin slice of beef served with wasabi and ponzu sauce H3. Hibachi Shrimp $20.75
A21. Tuna or White Tuna Tartarki $12.75 H4. Hibachi Salmon $22.75
 Seared thin slices of tuna or white tuna H5. Hibachi Steak $24.75
A22. Baby Octopus $9.75 H6. Hibachi Scallop $24.75
 Marinated baby octopus H7. Hibachi White Tuna $24.75
A23. Yellowtail Jalapeno $12.75 H8. Hibachi Filet Mignon $28.75
H9. Hibachi Lobster $36.95
Soup & Salad Combination Dinners
B1. Miso Soup $2.00 H10. Chicken & Shrimp $23.95
 Bean paste with seaweed, bean curd and scallion H11. Chicken & Scallops $24.95
B2. Hamaguri Soup $10.95 H12. Chicken & Steak $24.95
 Baby clams soup H13. Chicken & Lobster $29.95
B3. Sui Mono $2.00 H14. Steak & Scallop $26.95
 Clear soup with mushrooms H15. Steak & Shrimp $26.95
B4. House salad $2.50 H16. Steak & Lobster $32.95
 Lettuce & tomato with house dressing H17. Shrimp & Scallop $26.95
B5. Tofu Salad $4.95 H18. Filet Mignon & Chicken $28.95
 Bean curd cubes steeped in light soy and  H19. Filet Mignon & Shrimp $29.95
 sesame served over iceberg lettuce H20. Filet Mignon & Scallop $29.95
B6. Avocado Salad $5.95 H21. Filet Mignon & Lobster $35.95
B7. Seaweed Salad $4.95 H22. Seafood Deluxe $36.95
B8. Cucumber Crab Salad $5.95  Lobster, Shrimp & Scallop
H23. Sea & Land for Two $55.95
 Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, or Scallops
Nigiri Sushi  H24.
(fish on rice) (sashimi $2 extra) Per Piece H25.
C1. Tuna $3.15 H26.
C2. White Tuna $3.15
C3. Yellowtail $3.15
C4. Salmon $3.15 Kiddie Corner  (under 10 years old)
C5. Eel (Unagi) $3.15 Served with clear soup, noodles, shrimp appetizer & steam rice
C6. Fluke $2.70 Any One Item $12.95
C7. Smoked Salmon $3.15 Any Two Items  $16.95
C8. Salmon Roe (Ikura) $3.15   Choice of:   Steak, Chicken, Shrimp or Scallops
C9. Shrimp $2.70
C10. Surf Clam (Hokki) $2.70
C11. Ama Ebi $3.15
C12. Squid (Ika) $2.70 Hibachi Side Order
C13. Flying Roe (Tobiko) $3.15 Chicken $8.45    Chicken Lo Mein $9.45
C14. Octopus (Tako) $3.15 Shrimp $10.45     Noodles $5.45
C15. Crab Stick $2.70 Steak $10.45    Shrimp Lo Mein $12.45
C16. Sea Urchin (Uni) $6.15 Scallop $10.45    Vegetables $7.45
C17. Spanish Mackerel $3.15 Salmon $10.45    Fried Rice $2.95
C18. Mackerel $2.70 White Tuna $10.45    Chicken Fried Rice $8,45
C19. Scallop $3.15 Filet Mignon $14.45    Shrimp Fried Rice $11.45
C20. Egg (Tamago) $2.70 Lobster $16.45
C21. Striped Bass (Suzuki) $2.70
Sushi  Bar
Served with miso soup
D1. Sushi Dinner Regular-7 pcs sushi & tuna roll $19.95 Lunch Special
 Combination of roll and nigiri Deluxe-9 pcs sushi & tuna roll $23.95 Monday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm
D2. Sashimi Dinner Regular-18 pcs sashimi $23.95 Saturday 12:00pm-2:30pm
Regular-24 pcs sashimi $27.95
D3. California Roll Dinner (3 Rolls) $14.95 Sushi Bar Lunch
D4. Maki Combination $17.95 Served with miso soup
 Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon & Cucumber rolls L1. Roll Combination $12.95
D5. Tuna Lovers Regular-7 pcs sushi & tuna roll $20.95  Tuna, California, cucumber rolls
 Tuna nigiri & roll Deluxe-9 pcs sushi & tuna roll $24.95 L2. Sushi Lunch $12.95
D6.  Pretty Color Sushi $22.95  L3. Nigiri Combination $16.95
 Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Whitefish, Eel  Tuna, salmon, yellowtail
D7. Chirashi $23.95 L4. Sashimi Lunch $20.95
 Various sashimi on bed of sushi rice L5. Sushi & Sashimi Combination $22.95
D8. Unagi Don $21.95 L6. Spicy Maki Combination $16.95
D9. Tekka Don $23.95  Tuna, salmon and yellowtail rolls
 Sliced tuna on bed of sushi rice L7. Tekka Don $18.95
D10. Sushi Sashimi Combination $29.95 L8. Chirashi $17.95
 5 pcs sushi, 15 pcs sashimi & tuna roll  Various sashimi on bed of sushi rice
D11. Sushi and Sashimi on Boat for Two $56.95 L9. Sushi Lunch Special $13.95 
 10 pcs sushi, 21 pcs sashimi & special roll  Chef A’s Selection. Changed daily
D12. Sushi and Sashimi on Boat Deluxe $106.95 L10. Lunch Bento box $15.95
 15 pcs sushi, 32 pcs sashimi & special roll  Served with salad, California roll, shumai
 Choose one: Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallop, Salmon
Bento Box Special $22.95  
 Served with seaweed salad, California Roll & steamed   
 rice and choice of 2 entrees:
 Beef, Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp, Tempura,Sushi or Sashimi
Hibachi Lunch
Served with clear soup, noodles, vegetables and steamed rice
Roll (6 pcs/order)/Hand Roll L11. Vegetables $11.00
E1. California $4.75 L12. Chicken $13.45
E2. Tuna $5.75 L13. Steak $15.45
E3. Yellowtail $5.75 L14. Salmon $14.45
E4. Eel Roll $6.45 L15. Scallop $15.45
E5. Salmon $5.75 L16. Shrimp $14.45
E6. Salmon Skin $5.45 L17. Filet Mignon $18.45
E7. Cucumber $4.00 L18. Combination Lunch $18.45
E8. Pickle (Oshinko) $4.00 Choose any two items below:
E9. Spicy Tuna $6.45  Steak, Shrimp, Salmon, Chicken, Scallops, Vegetables
E10. Spicy Yellowtail  $6.45 L19. Filet Mignon & Chicken $20.45
E11. Spicy Salmon $6.45 L20. Filet Mignon & Shrimp $21.45
E12. Avocado $5.00 L21. Filet Mignon & Scallop $22.45
E13. Vegetable $6.45 L22. Filet Mignon & Salmon $22.45
E14. Sweet Potato $5.45 L23. Filet Mignon & Lobster $29.95
E15. Mango $6.00
E16. Chicken Tempura $8.45
Tempura & Katsu  Kitchen Lunch
Served with miso soup  Served with Miso Soup
F1. Chicken Tempura $14.95 L24. Vegetable Tempura $10.95
vBattered fried chicken and vegetable L25. Shrimp Tempura $11.95
F2. Vegetable Tempura $13.95 L26. Salmon Teriyaki $12.95
 Battered vegetables lightly fried and served with  L27. Yaki Udon or Yaki Udon Soup $9.95
 tempura sauce  Sautéed noodles with chicken and vegetable
F3. Shrimp Tempura $17.95 L28. Chicken Teriyaki $10.95
 Battered fried shrimp and tempura L29. Beef Teriyaki $13.95
F4. Kyoto Tempura Deluxe $20.95 L30. Shrimp Teriyaki $11.95
 Battered fried shrimp, scallop, white fish, crabstick and  L31. Beef Nigimaki $13.95
F5. Chicken Katsu $15.95
 Lightly breaded chicken cutlet fried golden   Beverages
 brown and served with katsu sauce Soda Fountain Drink $2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Soda, Ginger Ale, 
                Iced Tea (Sweetned/Unsweetened), Seltzer Water
Special Rolls San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water $2.50
G1. Alaskan Roll $7.50 Poland Spring Water $2.00
 Salmon, avocado, cucumber Ramune Japanese Marble Soda $3.00
G2. Rainbow Roll $13.95 Lemonade $2.00
 California, tuna, salmon, whitefish Orange Juice $2.00
G3. Dragon Roll $12.95 Apple Juice $2.00
G4. Softshell Crab Roll $8.95 Cranberry Juice $2.00
G5. Philly Roll $8.95 Milk $2.00
 Smoked salmon, cream cheese
G6. Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.95
G7. Futomaki $8.95
 Roll w/crabmeat, egg, squash
G8. Kyoto Roll $13.95 Ice Cream $2.50
 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, kani, avocado,   French vanilla, chocolate, green tea
wrapped with cucumber Mochi Ice Cream $3.00
G9. Fantastic Roll $13.95  Ice cream wrapped in soft fluffy dough available in: green tea 
 Inside: spicy tuna  (Matcha), vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango
 Outside: Smoked eel, salmon, avocado  Tempura Banana $4.50
G10. Rock & Roll $13.95   Fried bananas with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
 Shrimp tempura, smoked eel, avocado,  Tempura Ice Cream (vanilla) $4.50
 cucumber, fish egg  Ice cream wrapped in pound cake and deep fried creating a
G11. Shogun $12.95  warm crispy shell around the still-cold ice cream.  Topped 
 Inside: smoked eel, cucumber  with whipped cream and chocolate sauce 
 Outside: tuna, salmon, avocado
G12. Sweetheart Roll $13.95
 Inside: shrimp tempura, crab stick   
   Outside: Smoked salmon, shrimp, avocado
G13. Godzilla Roll $13.95
 Deep fried roll of tuna, salmon, yellowtail 
 with chef's special sauce
G14. Three Stooges $13.95
 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, 
 cucumber, fish egg wrapped in white seaweed
G15. Deep Impact $12.95
 Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, flying fish egg outside
G16. Ricky's Roll $12.95
 Salmon, tuna, cucumber inside, salmon & 
 Salmon roe outside
G17. Ann's Roll $13.95
  Inside: Eel, avocado 
 Outside: Tuna, white tuna, white fish
G18. Red Head Roll $12.95
 Inside: California roll
 Outside: Tuna & Avocado
G19. A to Z Roll $13.95
 Inside: avocado, crab, tobiko, salmon, tuna, tamago and 
 shrimp, wrapped with white nori
G20. Austin Power $14.95
 Inside: crab tempura, spicy lobster and cucumber
 Outside: tuna, eel and avocado
G21. Beauty and the Beast $15.95
  Inside: spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tempura chips & avocado
 Outside: tuna, salmon and yellowtail
G22. Baby Norbert $15.95
 Inside: shrimp tempura, spicy lobster, crab and cucumber
 Outside: avocado
G23. Champagne $15.95
 Inside: tempura (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab) tamago & avocado
 Outside: spicy hot sauce and colorful fish egg
G24. Dragon Slayer Roll $20.95
 Inside: lobster salad and cucumber
 Outside: avocado, eel and tobiko. Garden salad on side
G25. Special Dragon Roll $13.95
 Inside: spicy tuna   
 Outside: avocado
G26. Florham Park Roll $13.95
 Inside: crab tempura, spicy tuna, lobster salad and spicy sprouts
 Outside: pink seaweed nori
 G27.  Hot Lover Roll $13.95
 Inside: shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado
 Wrapped with soy bean nori
G28.  Lobster Delight $14.95
 Inside: shrimp tempura and cucumber
Outside: lobster salad, tobiko and crunch
G29.  Mystic River $13.95
 Inside: shrimp tempura
Outside: spicy tuna, rani, seaweed salad and tobiko
G30.  NFL Roll $17.95
 Inside: shrimp tempura and avocado
 Outside: chili, fluke, tuna, salmon and red snapper,
 chopped tuna and variety of fish eggs on top
G31.  Out of Control Roll $13.95
 Inside: spicy salmon and cucumber
 Outside: tuna, yellowtail and avocado
G32.  Pokemon $13.95
 Inside: spicy tuna, spicy salmon, crab, shrimp tempura
 and avocado. Wrapped with white seaweed
G33.  Pacific Roll $20.95
 Inside: lobster tempura and avocado wrapped with pink
 seaweed; crab salad on the side
G34.  Romantic Roll $13.95
 Inside: yellowtail and avocado.  
 Outside: spicy tuna and white tuna with wasabi kobiyaki sauce
G35.  Spicy Girl Roll $13.95
 Inside: spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado and fish egg
G36.  Love Me Roll $13.95
 Inside: crab stick, avocado and cucumber
 Outside: spicy tuna and fresh mango
G37.  Sweet Mango Roll $13.95
 Inside: spicy tuna and cucumber
 Outside: salmon and fresh mango

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Food allergies? If you have a food allergy, please speak to the owner, manager, chef or your server.

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